Monday, December 2, 2013

It's Been A While

Oh hey there! Looky who decided to blog today. ;)
No apologies needed; we've just been living life day by day.
I am pleased to share that Thanksgiving was dramatic and delicious as always.
Still strange to think that this is my second Thanksgiving as a mother and wife. 
I cannot even begin to tell y'all how sad I am that time is just flying by!
As always, I have a ton to recap on but as I'm sure y'all also know that probably won't happen. 
I will share a few big things that have happened as of lately.....

My husband, KC was chosen to represent the Ohio National Guard at the Cincinnati Bengals vs Cleveland Browns game by unrolling the American flag during the pre-game ceremony. Y'all. I can't even. 
For this particular game the Guard couldn't get spouse tickets. I was so beyond excited for KC but pretty bummed that I couldn't be there with him. Insert an amazing fellow blogger that works for the Cincinnati Bengals... Erin! She was able to find me three available tickets, for myself and my in-laws and we were able to be there to witness KC having that honor. There were tears. Lots of happy tears. Proud wife over here, y'all!

And that lady standing next to KC, in the tutu yeah, I'm gonna be making one of those asap. Loved it!

 Just in case you guys were wondering; Bengals won yesterday against the San Diego Chargers.
We're 8-4 baby! WHO-DEY!

Sorry, back to the topic on hand. My kid. 
Oh me, oh my. Wyatt is cutting six teeth at this very moment. If you're a parent and you know the hell we're currently going through; prayers are welcomed! Anywho, that little guy is obsessed with that hat below. He's so cute; he yank it on and then take of in a gallop of joy; I kid you not it's the funniest thing ever. Plus super cute.

Remember when I had that goal to finally hang some of our family pictures in our house?
I'm happy to tell that we got er done and got the frames hung... still haven't ordered the other pictures to fill them yet. Hey, at least we've made a little bit of progress!  

(To the left was the original collage I was thinking about but with much debate and a good amount of feedback via Instagram to the left is how I decided KC should hang them. I think it turned out pretty darn well. Also; notice how it kind of seems cluttered; no worries; it won't be like that for long, the two white shelves are going to be taken down and hung across the room along with a mantel piece KC is going to be building. Lots of home improvements happening soon. I'm excited to share more about that!)

Annnnnnd; I'm so happy to tell y'all that I've begun to purge and declutter our home. I'm an avid hoarder of DVD's.... recovering avid hoarder. I went through all of our DVD's (I keep them in a huge CD case and have the DVD cases kept put away) and I was able to eliminate all of those DVD's from our collection. I didn't count how many I ended up getting rid of but it was a few very large stacks of DVD cases that four different friends/family came to look through; take to their liking. It felt great to just get rid of them along with a few boxes of clothes, books and other miscellaneous things. It's amazing how much stuff KC and I have accumulated over the years and to think that was only a small purge; I still have quite a few more totes; storage, closets to go through!

It felt good to blog again. See y'all tomorrow or in another month... either way; I wouldn't hold your breath.

Happy Monday y'all! 


  1. Girl you've been time for blogging. :) Love the start to your photo wall. And that's so awesome Erin was able to get you tickets for the game. So special!

  2. Oh girl... our Thanksgivings are most definitely always dramatic and delicious (as you put it!) hahah!!!! And I love your picture wall!!! Perfect

  3. Congrats KC!

    I've been working on purging also. I'm also really bad about ordering things online... So for everything I order online (usually diapers, etc) I have to fill that box with stuff to go to Goodwill.


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